Adelmann Umwelt GmbH

Hydraulic ADELMANN Pre-Shredder for Zinc Scrap and Zinc Alloy Scrap in Dinslaken

In mid-September of 2011, ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH reached yet another milestone in its product diversity with the new AVZ 125/180-90H’s flawless test run and the signing of the machine’s test certificate.

After ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH had handed over in March 2010 the ever since successfully operated crushing and sorting unit for zinc scrap and zinc alloy scrap, ADELMANN Umwelt GmbH was assigned to enhance the unit’s capacity.

To implement such a considerable capacity enhancement required to develop and construct a bigger ADELMANN pre-shredder with a hydraulic drive concept.

Expertise, team work and last but not least a great interest and delight in the product made it possible to create the new AVZ 125/180-90H in such a short space of time.

Without any problems, our experts replaced the up to then used AVZ 110/150-90 with the new AVZ 125/180-90H and restarted the plant. Its drive and visualization were adapted in a way that the operating staff could quickly and reliably manage the new drive concept.

As the costumer’s content testifies every day, the plant’s modification exceeded the ambitious expectations by many times.

The new development of the AVZ 125/180-90H is topped off with the training and schooling of our service personnel. This way we are still able to offer the service for the hydraulic components and are thus still at any time at our costumer’s disposal as the contact for the entire plant.