Vacuum systems

Plant engineering for processes run under extreme conditions

Drawing on a wealth of expertise, SYSTEC develops and manufactures systems and solutions designed for PVD coating and high-temperature processes up to 3000°C as well as for processes run under vacuum, in a pure gas atmosphere or at high pressures.

Processes and technologies

  • PVD coating with tribological and decorative coating systems
  • Crystal growing
  • Melting and casting
  • Hardening, annealing, tempering
  • Reduction and synthesis
  • Diffusion welding
  • Special high-temperature, vacuum and high-pressure processes

Markets, industries and sectors

  • Automotive industry and motor sports
  • Aviation and aerospace industry
  • Medical technology
  • Semiconductor technology
  • Metal processing industry
  • Optical industry
  • Mechanical engineering


  • Advice & consultation, concept development
  • Static and thermal calculations
  • Mechanical and electrical equipment design
  • Customer-specific programming
  • Manufacture within the Systec Group
  • Installation and commissioning at manufacturer’s and customer’s premises
  • Service and spare parts supply

SYSTEC Vacuum Systems GmbH & Co.KG

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